iLuminate is the brainchild of Miral Kotb, a woman whose true passions in life are dance and software engineering, which is why you’ll see her both manning the keyboard and dancing on stage in the archive of iLuminate video performances (which you absolutely should check out).

In 2009, Miral combined her two passions to create the patented iLuminate technology, a tool that enables performers, choreographers, engineers, technicians, stylists and artistic directors to produce explosive performances with customized wireless lighting programs. The results are extraordinary lighting effects choreographed with phenomenal dance moves that take viewers on an exhilarating ride.

iLuminate dancersiLuminate is a company based on the fusion of technology and dance. This distinct intermix will reawaken your senses and imagination! They are a diverse team of experts and together they create a visual experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Audiences will see dancers in electrified glow-in-the-dark suits performing dynamic routines and illusions on a darkened stage. It’s a show that’s completely unique to the iLuminate brand and incomparable to any other dance performance.

iLuminate is quickly becoming a household name, and why not when it has been called “the best new act in America” during its run on America’s Got Talent in 2011? Maybe you saw them on TV or maybe you’ve heard about them through one of their international appearances or saw a Live show in the heart of New York City. No matter how you found them, you’ll be glad you did!

View Billie Jean from iLuminate on Vimeo.