Art Categories

You can submit coded art in four categories – Animation, Interactive, 3D, and Self Portrait – for the Code Art Miami digital art exhibition and all-girls coding competition.


Animation: All animation entries must have movement. It can be big explosive movement, or something as subtle as eyebrows lifting. The animation your program generates may always be the same or it may change through the use of random variables; as long as changes in output do not result from user input, your entry will be classified as Animation rather than Interactive.

Some Animation examples for inspiration:

Submit your Animation.


Interactive: An interactive art program is a program whose output changes dependent on input from a user or outside stimulus. Examples include programs that changes their output based on audio input, keyboard input, or mouse location. Shown here is a video of an interactive program that changes based on mouse location – the closer the mouse to the letters, the more they are distorted! See example programs below.

Some Interactive examples for inspiration:

* Images of interactive programs will be displayed in “art loop” on flat screens at Code Art Miami. Some interactive programs will also be set up on computer stations in the exhibition space to allow for user interaction.
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3D Coded Art
3D-printed examples3D Coded Art example 2

3D Coded Art includes 3D-printed art and works created using Arduino and other programmable electronics. Wearable electronics, such as a programmable bracelet with blinking LEDs, qualify as 3D coded art.

View ASPIRATIONAL 3D-printed art. (We expect much simpler entries.)

* Entrants must contact CodeArt to arrange for drop-off or pick-up of their physical art piece. Items will be returned after the event.
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Self Portrait – People’s Choice

Self Portrait is a new and exciting category, with the winner being decided by the people. Anyone can vote in Round 1 by liking a self portrait on Facebook. The 10 with the most likes will be invited to continue on to Round 2 at the Code Art Miami event. Each attendee will get to vote for one self portrait, and the winner will be announced at the event on March 18th!

Submit your Self Portrait.